onsdag, februari 01, 2006

1 Februari

Nej, snart lämnar jag stan i en vecka. Norrköping och Stockholm står på listan. Målet är att komma hem lite utvilad, med lite göromål avklarade samt med en massa skivor och kläder i väskan. Vi får se, vi får se. Ska upp om sex timmar så jag borde packa snart. Snart? Eller nu? Måste ladda iPoden först.

You can imagine my delight was like some R. Crumb magazine come to life
Thank you ladies you had us all I hope you both enjoyed it.
But just the same I'm happy just to sit around at home
With Pamela making cups of tea and washing clothes
If anyone's in need of me, I'm drowning in the bathroom

We talk all night and we’re all turned on
Everybody heard him singing his song
Telling us all there was work to be done
And we all sang the chorus of I am the walrus

The scientist talks and he knows what he means
He sits on the floor and has beautiful dreams
Then he gets brought down by a woman who screams
But he knows it’s only a record¡­ oh yes it is

I don’t know anymore than you do
In fact I don’t know anything at all

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